Anthology APIs

Welcome to the Anthology API documentation site

While each API and the respective endpoints shown on this page are currently in production, changes may frequently be made. Endpoints will continue to be available in their current state via versioning, so that campus developers may write code against each endpoint without the need to modify their code in the event of one or multiple API changes.


The APIs documented on this site are made available exclusively to licensed Anthology member campuses. Third-party or public use of this API is prohibited without the consent of Anthology.


Campus developers who wish to access the API must be pre-approved by Anthology.

Developers may be added to the approved list by having the official campus contact, who is responsible for your license, send the following information for each developer to the Support Team (

  1. Full name
  2. Unique identifier
  3. Campus email address

Once approved, developers may manage their own access keys at: https://{campusdomain} (where {campusdomain} is the name/host of your institution's Anthology installation).


In order to maintain data security, an OAuth 2.0-based authorization token is required to make calls to the API. To get a token, your code must make a POST call to our authorization server ( with your access keys. Tokens are valid for up to 60 minutes. Making a new call will refresh the expiration period for your token. If you are not familiar with the workflow for getting an OAuth token, please see the OAuth 2.0 documentation for "Obtaining Authorization".